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Crypto investment made easy

Crypto Chimera

Cryptocurrency investment platform managed by professionals

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Why Crypto Chimera

Market analysis

Success rate





Crypto Chimera is a cryptocurrency investment platform where experienced traders and investors open the opportunity for the retail investor to share in their profits. Crypto Chimera is constantly developing and improving services for current and future investors.

Portfolios are managed by high success rate investors and traders using our own strategies in trading, market analysis, research and risk management.


Our main strength and focus is finding low market cap coins with high growth potential (x2 up to x50) and accumulating these by combining market dips and trading.


Our/your profits have a stable growth line which is constantly protected by our stop-loss strategy.


Years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and proven strategies


Our main concern is the safety of your capital

Investment security is key for us.


That’s why our team is constantly checking support and resistance areas with advanced technical analysis where we strategically set stop-losses and thus make the necessary changes at any minute of the day depending on individual and overall market movements ensuring your investment is as safe and accessible as possible.


The combined experience of our team provides Crypto Chimera with a great depth of knowledge, however our most important aspect is the balance between our different investment strategies.

At Chimera we divide investments in two parts and manage the invested ratio following our market analysis:

Swing Trading

These are trades we open and close within a week, a day or even a few hours that allows us to accumulate more capital for the investor.

Medium & Long term

This is our most effective way to multiply investments. Based on our knowledge we choose altcoins that are low in value, sustainable and have high growth potential. We constantly monitor these coins and accumulate them when there are dips in the market.  


Captain! Where are we heading…?

Q1 2022

Investor App v2.0

Learning resources based on our inside knowledge on how to understand chart analysis, trading strategies and coin search. This exclusive information for members only will be updated regularly.

Q2 2022

Tokenise v1.0

Fully integrate blockchain technology and smart contracts. All transactions and operations will be stored on multiple ledgers. Offering more security and peace of mind.

Q2 2022

Fractionaliser v1.0

Our Fractionaliser algorithms manage asset allocation between Cold Storage, and Trader wallets.


Our frequently asked questions

What are the rates and fees of chimera?

Low fees and benefits for the investor is what we strive for and differentiate ourselves from other investment funds. For more information at info@cryptochimera.com

How can I access and view the progress of my investment?

Before completing your first deposit you will receive your personal login to our application where you have an overview of your investment balance, coins being traded and growth rate which is updated regularly 

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes, however, the withdrawal period of your investment is a minimum of 12 months after your deposit. If you wish to withdraw before this period ends you will be charged our early withdrawal fee. For more information send us an email at info@cryptochimera.com

How do I start investing with chimera?

For now, send us an email at info@cryptochimera.com and we will guide you through the process. The Crypto Chimera Investor app will be launched during Q4 of 2021. From then you will be able to deposit and withdraw from the app directly.

Crypto investment made easy